hello again! i wont be on for the next three days casue tomorrow im going to ohio and thursday and friday im doing 2 warped tour dates (i know it sounds like a lot of excuses im sorry this month has been really busy) so if i dont respond to requests soon thats why! but yeah see you guys saturday :)

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Anonymous ASKED:
Do you have But its better if you do by panic?

unfortunately no, i havent been able to find it :( sorry!

imaduckxd ASKED:
do you have river flows in you?

im not familiar with that, whos it by?

Anonymous ASKED:
Do you by any chance have Miss Missing You by fall out boy?

unfortunately i can only find it for sale here, sorry!

sofiyuh ASKED:
finding your blog made my life. thank you so much <3

aw im glad you like it! youre welcome :)

Anonymous ASKED:
Do you have the songs Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus or Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs?

i cant find any free sheet music but i found some other stuff!

teenage dirtbag: for sale here & video tutorial here

maps: for sale here & synthesia tutorial here

video tutorial

Anonymous ASKED:
Would you ever want help running this blog? Like an admin or something? Just wondering!!! (^.^) love this blog!!

ive thought about that, and maybe! its kind of a lot to take on sometimes but i keep it very organized and id be very picky in letting another person do it haha. but possibly in the future! and thank you :)

Anonymous ASKED:
mcr blood?

heres a video with the sheet music and heres a video tutorial!

Anonymous ASKED:
do you think you could find when you cant sleep at night by of mice & men?

i cant find the sheet music, but heres a video tutorial!


I came across this in the piano sheet music tag and noticed you didn’t have it. Hope it helps!

before you start your day — twenty one pilots

thank you!! i have another version of this song here too :)