quineee ASKED:
Hi your blog is amazing. But could you find al of me from john legend for me. Love Quini

got it right here!

theheadlesshat ASKED:
hi, could you please try to find Attention Reader by Pencey Prep? (or link me to it if you already have it or whatever)... love your blog btw, and thank you :)

i cant find anything for it, sorry :( but thank you!!

lightemfob ASKED:
hey, i just found your blog, this is awesome!!!! and by the way, your url is very clever xD

lol thanks friend!! i thought so too :-)

Anonymous ASKED:
I love your blog!! and URL btw :) I was wondering if you could find "all of the stars" by ed sheeran?

hey thanks!! and yup, i found it & posted it here :)

doctorpotterinc ASKED:
I just wanna say this blog is amazing :)

i just wanna say youre amazing :) xx

Anonymous ASKED:
Can you possibly find streets of London, I can't remember who wrote it but I love that peice and would appriciate it immensly

i think this is it! not sure why theres asian writing at the top but the site i got it from said it was the song :)

vicesandfevers ASKED:
can you please link me to your panic! at the disco music page?
Anonymous ASKED:
hi do you have Jesus Christ by Brand New?!

i dont im sorry :( i havent been able to find any brand new at all and its pretty disappointing