Anonymous ASKED:
Hi I love your blog a lot! Could you possibly find The Greatest Prize by Nat and Alex Wolff or Lullaby by them as well...or anything by them..?? Have a good day and I love you!

i found greatest prize and posted it here, thats the only song i could find though! but you too lovely :-)

Anonymous ASKED:
Hey, do you know where I might be able to find 'Kissing you Goodbye' by the Used?

you can find online sheet music here & watch a video tutorial here :)

hado69 ASKED:
Absolutely love your blog!!! I've come to really appreciate the piano and the fact that you post sheet music for people like me to learn is wonderful (especially since I love Fall Out Boy and P!ATD as well). Once again, love the blog, and keep it up :)

ah thats awesome! glad you enjoy :)

Anonymous ASKED:
Do you know where I can find piano sheet music for what a catch, Donnie by fall out boy? Thanks!

right here! enjoy :)

Anonymous ASKED:
do you have any bring me the horizon?

i dont, but you can buy ‘sleepwalking’ here!!

turaffle ASKED:
"Young Volcanoes" by Fall Out Boy please :)

got it right here :)

Anonymous ASKED:
Could you please find "A Drop In The Ocean" by Ron Pope? Thank you love :)

found it & posted it here! youre welcome :)

i-am-saul ASKED:
I'm posting from mobile, so I can't browse your archive and I apologise if somebody has previously requested this; but I'm wondering if you have Metal Heart by Cat Power? I cannot find piano sheets anywhere, just guitar. If not, thank you anyway!

ah yeah i can only find guitar too :( sorry!