the-serpent-and-its-venom ASKED:
Battlefield by lea michele or sing by my chemical romance. Thank you so much ! :)

i cant find free sheets for either but heres some other things for them!

battlefield: you can buy it here & watch a video tutorial here

sing: you can buy the glee version here & watch a video tutorial here :)

Anonymous ASKED:
Hey do you think you could find sheet music for 21 Pilots Fall Away, or any one of their songs? Thanks!

i cant find sheets, but heres a video tutorial! and i have quite a bit of stuff in my twenty one pilots tag :)

Anonymous ASKED:
do you have clairvoyant by the story so far?

i dont, sorry :(

sahltyy ASKED:
hey i was wondering if you have fireproof by one direction?

actually i did find it which is really shocking cause the song just came out but hey here you go!

Anonymous ASKED:
John Lennon - Oh My Love?

i cant find free sheets, but you can buy it here and watch a video tutorial here! :)

Anonymous ASKED:
any chance you have St Patrick by Pvaris?

i dont, sorry :(

moist-5sos ASKED:
Hi! I was having a really tough time trying to find 5sos sheet music (besides She Looks So Perfect) and I was wondering if you could help me out :D I really want to learn how to play Rejects, Amnesia, Beside You, or If You Don't Know. Thank you in advance if you can find me something! ily

the only one i could find sheets for was amnesia and i posted it here, and then heres a video tutorial for beside you! :) ily2

Anonymous ASKED:
Have you done boulevard of broken dreams?

i did now! posted it here :)