Anonymous ASKED:


Anonymous ASKED:
just wanted to say you are a saint and i love you

aw hey thanks!! ily2 :-)

the-tigers-come-out-at-night ASKED:
Do you have any Marina and the Diamonds?? Thank you!

I found a lot of her songs, and I just posted 4! check out my marina tag :)

bitchphil ASKED:
happy little pill by troye sivan or i'm not angry anymore by paramore? ^-^ thank you !!!!!!!!!

i cant find either song for free, but you can buy im not angry anymore here!

Anonymous ASKED:
Any chance you have The Heart Never Lies by McFly? :)

i dont have it, but you can buy it here and watch a video tutorial here! :)

Anonymous ASKED:
Do you have "Can't help falling in love" by Elvis?

posted it here! sorry for the bad quality, it was all i could find BUT you can buy a better version here!